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Are you with the plans to trip Korea and enjoy all the wonderful attractions placing shopping and eating on top of the list as the pretty choices? You are of great plans as Korea is a wonderful and an awesome place for everyone to plan and visit the place. To know more about Korea, here are the first 10 things to do in South Korea, Seoul, which really amazes you and adds a golden feather in your cap of trips this season.

  1. Enjoy the delicious taste of traditional desert at the world’s best hotel

The Shilla Hotel which is a well known hotel for most of the celebrities and famous personalities and tops the 500 hotels in Travel and Leisure magazine is an amazing spot to taste the popular dessert which consists of scrubbed ice with small rice cakes, condensed milk, ice cream and azuki bean paste or sweetened red beans. Just get ready to spend a few bucks on this desert as every bite is yummy with lip sacking taste.

  1. Wander around Gyeongbukgung Palace

Gyeongbukgung Palace is considered and believed as one of the most prominent historical attractions and the most visited site by tourists and local residents in the city. The courtyard in this palace is the favorite of many as the clay pots are used to stock up fermented kimchi and chili paste.

Jogyesa Buddhist temple

Jogyesa Buddhist temple

  1. Jogyesa Buddhist temple

This temple is always vibrant with tourists and locals who are streaming in and out.

The Jogyesa Buddhist temple is a Zen Buddhist temple which reminds of the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple in Colombo.

The interesting thing to visit this place is the ancient trees strung up with paper streams and banners in bright colors.

  1. War memorial and museum

Being the pretty cool place to visit and view the memorials in remembrance of South Korea’s biggest wars, you can enjoy viewing the exhibits of weapons and tactics. Even you can climb and check the vehicles of that period.

  1. Check the view from Seoul tower

Seoul tower also famous as Namsam tower governs the Seoul Skyline. It is the highest point in the whole city. When you get to the top of the tower, you can enjoy a cable ride up the mountain to have an awesome experience. Wait for the night to view the city from the tower, as it is not possible during daytime.

  1. Explore Bukchon Hanok village

Bukchon village is the must to visit place when you are in Seoul as it presents a long and exciting history. Stroll along the narrow streets which take you to cafes, restaurants, galleries and small courtyards which make your trip amazing and memorable!

  1. Get ethnicity and know the way of life in Insadong District

Situated in the heart of Seoul, this district is the place where you can know the way of life and culture of the Korean people. Right now you will find traditional performance, events and shows to view and enjoy on the street.

  1. Walk along the Cheonggyecheon rivulet

Cheonggyecheon stream running through downtown Seoul is a man made stream which stretches for 5 miles and provides a modern recreational space for tourist and local residents to walk and spend some time clicking pictures of the place. For couples, it is pretty romantic spot to hang out and spent time together.

  1. Visit the fish market

If you desire for an extra fishy experience, then visit to the Noryangjin fish market as it is the massive market from where the fish is delivered to the whole district. Visit to a nearby restaurant and enjoy the taste of fresh cooked fish as a lovely experience.

  1. Try and enjoy a Korean BBQ

Amazingly, Korean BBQ is the most traditional meal found all over Korea where you need to sit down near the table with a fire grill placed in the middle and cook your marinated beef in the way you like. You are provided with unlimited supply in affordable price per person.

Plan your trip immediately and have lots of fun as Korea welcomes every tourist with a warm and pleasant welcome.

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