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Visiting new places and enjoying culture, new life, traditions, nightlife and delicious cuisine is the dream of every person. Mostly the trips are planned to the destinations which are in budget and provide the comfort of every luxury service till the return day.

travel packing

The one who gets the chance to visit the Southeast Asian countries is the lucky person to spend the warm days and romantic nights in the beauty and tenderness of the place.

Pack the required things, including clothes, sheets, medicines and essentials to catch the cherry blossoms around Korea as lots of unnecessary items with you may create complicated situation.

Of all the places, Korea is the most demanded region divided politically, culturally and even geographically to visit and make the trip memorable.

Being the most isolated countries in the past years, where only a few tourists were allowed to visit, such a place has changed into the destination that attracts thousands of tourists and local residents to visit and enjoy the sunny and mild climate. Before dreaming the trip to Korea, the main things you need to carry with you while travelling are:

Pack good clothes according to season

Korea comes across four seasons which are autumn, spring that are sunny and mild. In that situation, cool and comfortable clothes are required to travel with a light jacket if the nights are chilly. In case of summer, the days are hot and humid and demand for a light and cool dress.

Besides this, umbrella and poncho is must as sometimes summer is fun to be monsoon season. In winter, the temperature is below the freezing point which demands clothes as per your comfort. Carry a bathing suit to enjoy the day at the Korean beach. There are numerous travel blog online which insights more information on this and can be taken help of.

Documents and proof of identification

Most of the travelers all around the world require a legitimate passport to get entry to the State of Korea. If you are with plans to stay up to 90 days, then no need of a visa. In case, if the trip is for growing your business, then the same applies to stay for 90 days.

Only employment and education in Korea requires visas from Korean embassy. As soon as you arrive in the Republic, you must and should obtain a foreign registration card to stay more than 90 days for sure.

Flat sheets, towels and toiletries

  • Customarily, Koreans always sleep on the floor on a thick mat referred as Yeo as bedding is not felt right.
  • It tends to be hard giving rise to the need of a mat.
  • Carry a flat sheet which is light or buy after the arrival in Korea.
  • Interestingly, while packing certain toiletries, follow lots of care to make sure that you have enough deodorants to use till the end of the trip.
  • Pack a good sunscreen if you are with plans to visit the beach and enjoy the sports and activities.
  • Women need to have a good stock of menstrual pads or tampons as the stock in Korea is limited.
  • In case of towels, Korean people use small towels and if you are habituated to use large towels, then pack a pair or more than two to use without any discomfort.


Health insurance and policy documents

If you hold a good health insurance policy, then check whether it applies to cover in Korea if any mishap or health issue arises. Check whether the policy presents international coverage or not to carry the copies of the policy documents and the insurance card for safety.

Well, it is a good thought to carry the health insurance documents with medical prescriptions and medicines to follow if any minor illness takes place. Get some cash for emergency situations, though you hold a credit card to use in Korea.

Carry a guidebook and route map

Though you feel to pick the Korean map after arrival, it is best to carry a guidebook of the major cities where English is the common language. Pack a converter for the plug-in appliances for your necessities. Keep the photocopies of all the official documents to make the trip safe, interesting and memorable.

Finally, get a pillow case, shoes, western spices of your choice and taste, and non-perishable foods to feel at home on certain occasions.

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