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When we think about how we organise our things, it is usually based on what essential objects we need to bring for a specific place. For instance, going to work means bringing your own laptop bag, a couple of notepads and post-its, maybe a few pens, and then a thermos of coffee. For the gym, we bring towels, an extra shirt, weight gloves, and a bottle of water. So that we would not forget to bring them, we assign different bags to these places.

However, it is not as easy when you are packing for a trip because you always need to anticipate what can happen during your travels. You just do not want to go to the trouble of purchasing travel insurance for a trip to HK and then having to forget the documentation to get your reimbursement.

Traveling is supposed to be fun, and worrying about leaving something important at home is definitely going to ruin it. So here we have a travel checklist which you can use while you are packing for that trip you have always wanted to go to.

Prepare your travel documents and make sure they are complete

One of the things you should prepare first are the documents you will need when you are traveling. To avoid leaving them, place all of the documents in a folder or in an organiser. The usual documents are IDs (government issued or not), passport, visa/s, health insurance, reservation documents, hotel or tour information, tickets, emergency contacts, and your itinerary. Make sure to properly put labels on the folders so that it would be easy for you to retrieve the documents when they are needed.

If those documents have soft copies, save them on a cloud or send them to your email so you can access them anywhere and anytime. Call your banks and tell them that you would be going out of the country, they might get suspicious about your credit card activity. More importantly, though, make sure your passport, credit card, and ID’s are not about to expire.

Have a personal carry-on bag at the ready

We hope it does not happen, but make sure you are ready for when your bag gets lost or shipped to a different place. Do not worry, it does not usually happen that much but just in case, pack one or two sets of clothes in your personal carry-on bag. Also put toiletries like a small bottle of shampoo, a toothbrush, and a toothpaste.

You can pack a gadget or two in your bag, but try not to bring something as big as a laptop. As much as possible, if you plan on getting some work done even during your trip, try to use a tablet so your bag is not bulky. If you can still pack these in, try putting a travel pillow, a travel guide, or a language guide. You will have to bring health-related items, though, like a sanitizer and prescription medicine.

Travel light

Here is a travel dichotomy: your bag should be big enough to be able to hold all of your clothes, but it has to be lightweight enough so that you would not have to be awkwardly lugging it around. As a suggestion, you can use a bag that doubles as a trolley and as a backpack or duffel bag. In this way, it would be easy for you when you switch terrains, from cobbled streets to carpeted hotels.

Additionally, you will have to organise your things properly. Do not just shove in items you want to bring, think about what you will need and compartmentalise. Let this checklist help you and you will not have any travel problems.

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