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Marrakech is the economic centre of Morocco and offers its tourists with lots of places to explore and also an opportunity to learn and understand its culture and tradition. Plan a trip to this city without fail as this city will leave you surprised with everything you get to see here.

Only important aspect while visiting Marrakech is that you should not be travelling alone, plan your trip with at least one person accompanied along so you get to explore the city in discounted rates.

One such attractive aspect of exploring Marrakech is the Sahara desert trips that are available on a daily basis. The trips can be adventurous, exciting making an adrenalin rush, giving you a lifetime experience in a single day.

Few such day trips from Marrakech that you should not miss out are as mentioned below:

Driving towards the Atlas Mountain: Atlas Mountains is almost one and half hour drive from Marrakech and the best day to visit here is on a Saturday. There is a Saturday market here to shop for your best varieties and specialities of Morocco. There are various tourist spots here and also tourists can explore for mountain hiking here.

Kasbah Ait Benhaddou: Now this is the next day adventure spot located after the Atlas Mountains. The mountain turn semi arid after a while and tourists get to enjoy the vast beauty of architecture along with tradition and culture of Morocco. There are houses constructed and situated on top of these mountains that are built based to withstand extremely changing climatic conditions. Ait Benhaddou is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO and is believed to be the land of Lord of Atlas. Yet another attraction of this heritage site is that it has attracted Hollywood and has been the favourite shooting spot for movie makers. Now, if you are lucky you might even end up meeting your favourite Hollywood star while in Marrakech.

Ouzoud Waterfalls: This is the highest waterfall in Morocco and is situated in the middle section of Atlas Mountains and lies very close to Azilal city. As a group you could explore the waterfalls and enjoy its breath taking and natural beauty.

Most groups end their day adventure with Ouzoud waterfalls and then disburse for lunch and further activities in the city. Now as a tourist in Marrakech you can either choose to travel through these designated travel troupes or you can plan your trip to these places on your own.

Other than the above mentioned places, you can also plan to visit other places while your day out in Private Marrakech Tours. You can get help from local tourist agencies or locals who will help you learn what is best in the city and explore them on your time.

The best part of keeping a day out in Marrakech on your itinerary is to earn once in a lifetime experience and enjoy moving out with your family or friends. Visit various tourism forums to get better understanding and idea about Morocco and must visit places in this city.

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