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Precisely speaking, the word “Halong” implies “descending dragon bay” which is a marveling fascination for all the tourists endorsed by UNESCO. It is known as a true national heritage site in Vietnam. There are about 3000 small islands in Vietnam which is made up of limestone.

You might have come across a number of pictures or movies or travelogue related to this wonderful aspect of Vietnam, but seeing the enchanting beauty of nature sitting in a luxury cruise can be the dream experience you have nurtured. There are more than 500 luxury sampans and about 300 will be found in the water awaiting dispatch.


If you want to enjoy the luxury of seeing the marvelous and matchless beauty of the nature, picking up the right cruise is the first step. It might be a difficult job in a foreign land. Here are some good tips about how you can do it in a proper way when you are planning for a Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel. Don’t try to go at a bargain while choosing a good luxury cruise. Instead, ask for what is provided in respect of the charge taken. Remember, you’ll get safety equipment and a number of other facilities for the price you pay.

You can choose some well-known travel agents to do your job in a better way. Don’t try to jot down the prices online because it shows expensive rates. During the low seasons from May to September, the prices are 20 to 30% lower than the high seasons.

There are mainly three types of cruises. The budget cruise, the mid-range cruise and the luxury cruises. If you have a low budget you can go for the budget Halong bay private cruises. It will be full of guests and you can’t do much about the food qualities and the facilities served. Mid-range cruises are comparatively better. You can get a wide range of facilities in terms of foods, cabins and services. The luxury cruise will offer you extra services like wifi or massage. Be very careful about the weather reports while taking a trip in Halong bay.

The cruises can be cancelled by the Authority of Halong Bay due to bad weather. The best time to go is either April or November. It is advisable to do a research before going to the site. There might be thousands of cruises which mean there are hundreds of travel agents.

One travel agent might vary in charge to about hundreds of dollars. So it is better to take a stock of the travel agents before depositing the money. No matter how much money you spend you might end up having a bad service. The expensive the better not always go well here. So it is better to check the facilities before jumping to any decision.

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