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The technology is part of our lives from such a longer period of time.

korea technology companies

And no wonder Korean companies plays very important role in this revolution.

There are many Korean companies that have been involved in this revolution.

Here I am sharing with you a brief list of some popular Korean technology companies that you will definitely like to know about.

1- Samsung Electronics: We all know that Samsung is internationally famous and one of the most preferred Korean Technology Company that has driven a new revolution to the electronic and technological market.

In fact, in South Korea, Samsung Electronics is the largest and most popular company ever internationally preferred and listed to such level.

2- LG Electronics: The LG is now considered a strong competitor of Samsung because it is also playing great role in the technological revolution of this time. It is a multi-national company that has its approaches in multiple businesses all around the world.

3- KT Telecommunications Services: It is one of the internationally famous Telecommunication Service Provider Company of Korea. It is considered to be best company of Korea in this sector.

4- Com2uS: When we talk about fun gaming then this company of South Korea comes in higher rankings. This company specialized in the development of unique games which are appreciated all around the world.

5- Daum Communications: This is one of the most famous Web Service Provider Company from Korea which allows you to get email, shopping and other services like Yahoo and Google.

6- Hyundai Group: And of course, who does not know Hyundai Group. This is one of the world famous Company and it has played really very great part in the technological revolution as well.

7- Korean Air: Korea is highly appreciated in technology and it is progressing with greater speed and Korean Air Airline is its significant example of it.

It is a largest South Korean Airline company and its name have also been included in world’s top and best twenty airlines which clearly shows the preference that this company is gaining from all parts of the world.

8- SK Group: It is one of the biggest Korean Telecom Company which is famous all around the world and lots of SK Subsidiaries can also be found in the South Korea.

9- Korean Broadcasting System: As its name dictates, it relates to the media which allows you to get introduced to the K-pop artists and stars of South Korea. KBS is also considered the most widely and internationally famous TV network of Korea.

10- S-Oil: S-Oil is one of the highly competitive and famous Korean companies of Refine, Oil and Petroleum Industry.

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