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American businesses have been lately leading the technological density of those businesses that are internet based. American technology has always captured the semiconductors along with hardware markets. America is known to be a fertile ground for giving birth to all sports of inventions and innovations.

The place has been considered as the best in terms of both culture and capital. However, with growing competition with US, there are various contraries which have managed to give a tough competition to America. Korea is one such country that has been no recognized to be better in technology than America

Korean vs American Technology

American does not impart the fastest internet connection in the world, despite of Americans being the inventor of broadband systems. As per a well known internet monitoring firm, America is known to give just one-fourth speed of what Korean companies are known to give. Moreover, the cost of internet distribution is much higher in America than in Korea. The slower internet connection in America costs around $45.50 for one month. On the other hand, in South Korea it just costs $28.50 which means that you can save $17 on a better and 4reliable internet connection.

The major reason so as to why internet connection is more expensive in America than South Korea is because it has governmental interference in it. The goverment of America tends to pushes up American broadband plan because of which it has access to rural areas as well. The excess distribution of internet tends to reduces enhances the connectivity and reduces its speed.

In America, only 65% people have connectivity to faster internet connection. Whereas in Korea, it was seen that 94% people were connected to fast speed internet. The Korean government is seen to have encouraged its citizen to buy computers and get linked up with high speed internet. In fact the rates of the computers and net connections have been subsidized for the people who have lower income ratios.

The Korean government has tried hard to make internet as a routine part of life. It has installed so many towers and companies that specifically work the better connectivity and accessibility of internet. The Korean government has also encouraged the house wives to get linked up with internet so as to upgrade their loves and living standards. Various working opportunities have also been provided so that the country progresses in either way.

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