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South Korea is a zone that lets you unwind and set lose. The country has an immense wealth of captivating temples and museums. It offers the travelers the dazzling range of beautiful landscapes, experiences and 5000 years old amazing culture.

Tranquility can be reached from any place of the urban sprawl as it has the superb transport infrastructure. But then, there are certain not to do things when in South Korea. There are certain things which you need to be prepared while visiting South Korea. Some of these are as below.

South Korea

Paying extra for the black taxi

In the South Korea, black taxis charge hefty amounts to scot the people from one place to another. In fact, the black taxis are extremely pricier than the usual taxis. It is stressful to drive in the Korea and so individuals do not take any chances but hire the black taxis.

Wearing shoes to certain places

Avoid walking with your shoes on to all the places. It is true that the western culture is chair and table-oriented but there are individuals who sleep and eat on the floors. Do not wear shoes inside the home of anyone. Even if you are inside the apartment, do not wear shoes.

Reading the Korea tourism website

When traveling to Korea, avoid reading the websites on the Korea Tourism. It is seen in the past that the information on the website is as per the Korean people who look forward to impressing the travelers with their talks. There is nothing real in the website and it is as per the Koreans who write whatever they think foreigners are interested in. So, what you can expect is vague information.

Talking too loud

If you are talking too loud in the South Korea you are sure to piss everyone off. Talking and laughing normally is not liked there. Everywhere in the buses, you will find the words “don’t be loud’.

Sleeping less

When you are in the South Korea, you can sleep in the morning to your heart’s content. Even the shops do not open early in the morning. If you are a night owl, it is great to sleep in the morning. There are cool shopping areas, great food stalls that do not open early.

Sitting in a few seats of the bus

There are certain seats in the Korean buses which are strictly reserved for the pregnant ladies, the sick people and you should avoid sitting there. In fact, you will find those seats to be used mainly by the elderly people. If you use those seats, you will be scolded profusely.

Forgetting the hotel business card

There can be occasions when you are so drunk that you forget the way to the hotel. In fact, it is necessary to carry the hotel business card in such situations. You simply have to hand over the card to the driver.

There are many things to avoid in South Korea. It should be called a disciplined place where travelers are expected to behave in a certain way. For instance, you cannot leave the chopsticks in the rice after the dining session. Those who visit the graves, it is they who leave the offering of rice with the chopstick.

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