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One of the beautiful tourist places in the world is Prague which is among the cities of the Czech Republic. There are quite large numbers of historical buildings in this city. The city is filled with monuments, museums, palaces and many traditional look outs. Go for hop on hop off Prague option.


Imperial gardens are the common visiting spot for sightseeing Prague. You can walk around the garden having a look upon the beautiful plants in it. The old town hall is another spot which one should never miss when he is in Prague.

The craftsmanship should be definitely admired here for his works on the astronomical clock in the building.  To understand the astronomical clock it takes some time of yours. The clock is filled with the animated figures and pictures.

Prague castle is one of the fantastic places for an evening walking. The amazing and spectacular build up would cherish your eyes forever. Dancing house is another fantastic one which speaks about the architecture of the city. The name is because of the architecture and not that it is a dance club. As in any place museum would be the one place where you can see the history. So even in Prague never miss to explore the museum. There are different museums in this city, if time permits both can be seen or else opt for the national museum.

On the whole in one side you can have a list of cultural and traditional spots to see in the city. On the flip side of the coin the city is called to be the scam city. But for tourists, any place would be new and there are people all around the world to loot you out if you are not careful. So don’t miss out these wonderful sightseeing Prague. This would be perfect for your weekend. Hop on –hop off Prague would be a better option for the new travelers.

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