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South Korea, “The land of Morning Calms” is a popular travel destination for many Singaporeans and other crazy travelers, who wish to enjoy four different seasons of the place in a delightful way.

Being blessed with a temperate climate, the winters in Korea are too cold, dry and long; whereas summers, very short, humid and hot and arrive suddenly in late April.

Autumn and spring usually pleasant and short in period. Amazingly, the country receives enough rainfall of 75 centimeters rarely, but in general receives more than 100 centimeters.

South Korea is less susceptible to typhoons than the bordering countries as one typhoon is expected every year.

South Korea Climate

Climate and weather in detail

Winter – Chilly, Willy

Winter commences in December and lasts till mid-March. Mainly, in the Northern region in the region of Seoul, temperatures are ruthless and are below 0 degree Celsius.

The months of December, January and February receive a lot of snowfall which is quite pleasing moment for the tourist to enjoy their vacations and make it unforgettable vacation.

Basically, the foremost reason for such an extreme winter here is the wind that gust from Siberia.

Visitors are advised to bring their backpack full of winter gadgets such as sneakers, warm coats, travel steamer, travel humidifier and many others so that they can enjoy the time here in a best possible ways.

You may check some of the best travel humidifiers online just in case you want to buy one for your vacation.

Spring – Awesome blossoms

Spring season in South Korea is very problematic and begins in the late March or early April and lasts till the beginning of June. The temperature stays between 5 – 10C till late April during which the temperature begins to soar.

Even in April, the cherry blossoms are about to bloom in full and most of the local residents visit parks to enjoy picnics and the sight the prettiness of the cherry blossom trees.

Above all, the main dilemma is spring is the yellow dust or sand as it blows over from the China many times, mainly during the spring and proves to be dangerous to health.

It is advised to stay indoors keeping the windows and doors shut. The government stops the tourists visit during this season mainly.

Summer – Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is not the favorite of many due to hot rays, sweat and itchy feel in the body. Planning a trip to South Korea in spring and summer is of no use as there is no chance to visit the landscapes and sights and have a great time.

The temperature always holds above 20c and chances to get to the 30’s. Avoid summer and book your tickets for July due to the rainfall for days to enjoy in the waters of the season outdoors.

Autumn – Golden days of the fall

To your surprise, autumn is the best season to visit South Korea as the temperatures are 15C+ and quite dry.

There are not many rainy days as they last only for 2 to 3 days only when a typhoon hits to adjoining regions and cause heavy rain and high winds.

When you visit South Korea for pleasure, you are welcomed into the homes of many Koreans who let you feel like home and have a memorable and unique experience which makes it the unforgettable moments of your life.

Pack medium weight cotton clothes and water proofs are advised most for the rainy season.

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