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For a few interesting things, South Korea is a lot in news and journals which makes it the place to visit and enjoy the things which makes it unique than the other places. Initially, it is the wired culture that refers to the highest internet penetration rate and Smartphone penetration rate of South Korea.

If you wish to see what the future looks like, book your ticket to the place and observe the ongoing developments, places and the wide spread techies all over. The next is the nation’s inimitable use of credit cards which makes South Korea, the world’s top credit card users since two years. As per the data from the banks of Korea, all cabs hold credit card machines to swipe and pay.

Things South Korea Do Best

Overworking and studying

South Koreans are more sued to studying and working and ranks high in education level in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries with nearly 98 percent of the population finishing secondary education and nearly 63 percent with university level which is most helpful to build up their desired career.

As per the reports, when compared to other states, Korea takes the credit with crown for being the top literate country and more workaholics. When you make your visit to the place, you observe the blazing lights in the building into the late hours, which is an example of their literacy and hard work.

Asian capital for cosmetic surgery

South Korea is well known worldwide for its plastic surgery industry achieving the title and fame as the world’s best plastic surgery hub with experienced and skilled surgeons and the great deals. No matter, whether it is a wide forehead surgery or lantern jaw or long teeth, the skills of the Korean surgeons arranges the disorders in a superb way which is the main point to attract tourist for medical tourism from China, Russia, Japan and Mongolia.

Leader in innovative cosmetics

In case of makeup and cosmetics, they can’t step back in experimenting or stop themselves in using the ingredients and methods of application. Most of the markets worldwide is leading to the Korean cosmetics as their latest trend is changing the product line every month replacing new and advanced creams. At present they are just about to present the hair shockers, nail polish with authentic flowers and neon tints for hair which for sure will rock the market.

World class female golfers and flight attendant services

Above all, the world class female golfers and the flight attendants present excellent and outstanding service and the widespread culture of blind dating were declared. Through a survey, it is known that, those who are working singles and interested in matrimony say, they go on two blind dates in a week.

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